Rosemont Yacht Management SARL

Rosemont Yacht Management Sarl provides full Yacht Management Services from Monaco.

We are a unique combination of yacht and marine-experienced professionals that combine their knowledge and expertise to ensure managed yachts, yacht owners, captains and crew receive the highest levels of support achievable. We act totally independently from the yacht brokers.

Yacht Management services include:

  • Yacht Safety Management (ISM);
  • Yacht Security Management (ISPS);
  • Provision of Designated Person Ashore (DPA);
  • Oversee Yacht employment legislation (MLC 2006);
  • Budgeting and Accounts for Yachts;
  • Yacht Operational Technical support

We also have specialist personnel who can oversee the following:

  • Condition surveys;
  • Maintenance periods;
  • Repairs and modifications;
  • New vessel construction;
  • Yacht restoration and renovation projects;
  • Sea trials

Our documents of compliance permit us to manage commercial yachts over 500 GT in accordance with the ISM Code.

Rosemont Yacht Management services are fully integrated into the wider Yacht Ownership services provided alongside Rosemont Yacht Services. For more information on these services and solutions see our Yacht Ownership Solutions website.

Rosemont Yacht Services & Management has developed comprehensive Yacht Management software, RYS Live, providing a continuous flow of information between managed yachts, Captains, Owners and the shore-based support team. RYS Live has been designed as a two-way system allowing for important records and documentation to be uploaded and shared both on board and ashore, as well as meeting all the statutory requirements for a digital Safety Management System.

RYS Live features include:

  • Documentation Management and control conforming to ISM/ISPS;
  • Recording and Reporting of Defects, Non-conformities and Accidents/Incidents;
  • Customisable alerts for survey and certification expiry and deadlines;
  • Engineering Maintenance Records;
  • Crew Certificates and MLC-related documentation;
  • Online Crew Hours of Rest function.